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The crapification of Google's search results


Why the heck is some random Google+ dude showing up in my news results? I know, I know, Google wants to push their sucky social platform. But can't they show the slightest bit of class while they're doing it?

And then, the nerve!

Except I didn't fill out the survey. I've only gotten this survey when I'm using the Tor Bundle. Now, it may be that the survey only happens in France, or Russia, or India, or Germany, or wherever else my Tor relay makes Google think that I am; but it may also be that Google knows I am using Tor, and this survey includes some clever script to identify me some way other than my IP address.

Stop being evil, Google.

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Submitted by V. Arnold on

...and now use DuckDuckGo. Because it doesn't track, it also doesn't prompt after the first word. I am very happy with it so far.

Submitted by lambert on

Google is still the best, I think, which is why it's especially annoying that they're crapifying it.

Submitted by tom moody on

Another Google Plus-related change to Google News: for stories written by journalists who are G+ members, that correspondent's name appears below the headline with a thumbnail photo and hyperlink to his/her G+ page. There is also an informative pop-up associated with the hyperlink. Whereas a story written by a non-G+ member has no associated byline (and therefore no link or pop-up) in the search results. Just a little incentive for journalists to join the G+ family.

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Submitted by zapster on

I've been using Duck Duck Go more and more (it does lack image search, tho) and I use a nice little firefox plugin called sage for news feeds which prevents that sort of fishing.

Submitted by tom moody on

Following up on Lambert's question "Why the heck is some random Google+ dude showing up in my news results?"
The "chief architect of Google+", Yonatan Zunger, responded here.
The random dude's post is a comment to the preceding news items, not a news item itself. OK, I guess I should have caught that, because it's indented and put in a box -- but it doesn't say "warning: random dude comment."
Also, for "legal and product reasons," Zunger says, Google can't embed comments from other publications, only the comments of G+ users. I'm doing some translation here of what is essentially an evasive answer. Of course we're all for, as Zunger says, "providing people a means to converse about the news - to invite them into the discussion." But he doesn't address the specific criticism of a G+ user with nothing to say and very few "pluses" being elevated into front page search results.

Submitted by lambert on

Bottom line is, the results are still crapified!

Oh, and I hate locutions like "the Google family" (it's not a family!) or "the Android ecosytem" (it's not an ecosystem!) Both are just markets, and markets skewed by monopolist oligarchs to boot. Makes me think of the "Exit, Voice, Loyalty" triad, where if you can't "exit" then voice and loyalty are good for nothing but delusion, because you have no leverage. Maybe these "failed" markets are, in fact, like families and ecosystems for that reason, but not because they're friendly or anything.