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The Choir Next Time

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David Ehrenstein has an opinion piece up in today's Los Angeles Times titled Obama's gospel mistake. In it he writes:

Black churches are so much at the center of African American public life, and so much in denial about the gays and lesbians in their pews and choir stalls. As the late Marlon Riggs said in "Tongues Untied," his acclaimed 1990 documentary about gay blacks and AIDS, "How many choir directors have to die before we know who we are?" The "Embrace the Change" lineup reflects how this struggle is far from over. McClurkin, who is a minister at an evangelical church in New York, calls homosexuality a "choice" -- needless to say the wrong one. The duo Mary Mary claims to love gays in a love-the-sinner kind of way, equating us with murderers or prostitutes. It is only Byron Cage of the Mighty Clouds of Joy who has been actively working to heal the gay-straight divide.

"How many choir directors have to die before we know who we are?" This question, a direct and simple plea for a community to come to grips with reality instead of fear and dogma, is one for not just African-Americans, but all Americans, including that self-denying nuthouse known as the GOP.

How many must die--not just from the Gay Plague or despair or any of the ten thousand ways to die--but how many must die not quite acceptable among the polite crowd or as consigned to the fires of hell for the Levitcus addicts.

Come on now! The Community of Churches that serves to unite yet continues to promote disdain and withering judgements upon the brothers and sisters who can only be truly, truly loved by their brethren if they deny their sexual essence, the heart and soul that was given to them? If the heart and soul are a choice it is news to me. Enough! Break free of your chains! Until we do none of us will be free at last.


Add: Read Ehrenstein's piece. As a result of Obama's campaign choices it is apparent that I'm not the only one who believes that his candidacy is toast.


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have to love Its creatures? All of them? The scriptures, to the extent that I recall them at all, it seems to me describe a GOD which loves ALL Its creation. Can man, conceived in God's Image, do les and still claim to love that GOD?

Not that I give a fuck about "God"...But you'd think the people who do would try to act consonantly with their faith...

Me? A Quick Study, But A Slow Learner

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Submitted by Woody--Tokin Librul on

Me? A Quick Study, But A Slow Learner

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Submitted by MJS on

It would seem that the political language of love, so often professed generally, stumbles in the particular. Obama is in Love the Sinner, Not the Sin land, and could use his time--right now--to face these issues head on, but has misstepped badly. Alas, human, all too human. And yet, not human enough.

Lots of mines in the body politic, just waiting to be stepped on. Lots.


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Submitted by Sarah on

his shoes, MJS.

That he chose instead to wade in crap up to his knees and claim it doesn't stink pisses me right the hell off.

He's very slick.
He's very polished.
He's very smooth.

He didn't do this accidentally.
This is not incompetence on Obama's part.
He's flipping off people to get votes.

That is all.