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The Cheese (Obama) Stands Alone -- But Not Really

Shamus Cooke in “Déjà Vu All Over Again: The U.S. Elections: Bi-Partisan Vote Buying. Corporate PR Campaigns” gave me a cynical but enlightening view of what happened re the midterm Republican landslide and what unpleasantly is to come in the next two years of Obama’s lame-duck-dom -- which will be not “dumb” at all but strategically will continue the devastation of us, the global 99%, and for anyone who still hasn’t gotten it, is the goal of BOTH pimped-out-to-the-corporatists US parties.

I’d read a political blog recently suggesting voter fraud got the Republicans both Houses, but that would be under-estimating the maddening and predictable Pavlovian lurching of American voters between the two craven corporate parties that US corporate media insist are the only viable election choices, and that third parties are a huge joke, even though they most often advocate justice, equality, humanitarianism and support of Constitutional and international law.

Cooke writes:

Most Americans understand that U.S. politics equals legalized corruption.  And consequently voter turnout sank to a new historic low of 38 percent. ....


The popularity of the U.S. Congress hovers around 10 percent, which means that 90 percent of the population consistently views this body as an alien entity, serving the interests of the parasitic super-rich.


... when the politician inevitably becomes hated by everyone except the rich, the big money injects millions into the politician’s re-election campaign. And if the politician ends up losing he is rewarded for being loyal and is hired and paid millions as a “consultant” for the corporation, in effect a glamorized lobbyist.

Yes, I’m thinking Cooke seriously gets it.

So now we have Obama, the pathetic lone Democratic reed, left standing awaiting the hurricane of unleashed Republican fury.

Let me insert here that the Obama executive branch like that of Bush’s before it has gone anti-constitutionally rogue and mighty, and has been and will continue to bomb and drone the shit out of foreign peoples for some time and raping our taxpayer treasury to do so. Let me also insert that this is absolutely on-point with a Republican Congress.

Okay, back to the supposedly pathetically lone reed named Obama and a renewed army of Congressional Republican meanies. For the next two years these said meanies will get their Republican fingerprints all over the continuing “fascism-zation” of America. That is just enough time for the Obama years’ fiasco enabled by the craven, spineless and soul-selling Democrats to fall into the American memory hole. Remember what the late Gore Vidal called us? The United States of Amnesia.

Of course, gobsmackingly still teflon-y academy award-winning worthy actor Obama will continue his disingenous pose of “but-look-how-hard-I’m-trying” innocence, ever propped up by legions of Team Dem apologists, pathetically but doomingly for all of us still lost amidst the 5 stages of post-Obama-election grief! Will they never make their way through it, G-D IT????

AND THEN ... TA-DA!!!!! HER ROYAL MAJESTY, HILLARY, whose crimes as Secretary of State under Obama, will also have disappeared into the American memory hole especially with the blame-worthy Repubs in Congressional power for two years, will gallop forward, the new face of the corporate Trojan horse to champion us devastated citizens and, I might add, ... FEMINISM!!! Just as Obama’s election was a faux-victory for racism Hillary’s ascendancy will be a faux-victory for feminism.

We just keep getting played by the same corporate overlords' media-led, razzle-dazzle playbook!

This is what Cooke brilliantly and cynically predicts will happen next with Dem Prez Obama and a Republican rat-bastard Congress:

What can we expect from the new Republican-controlled Congress? Many people will likely be surprised at the high level of cooperation between Obama and the Republicans, who have much in common. Most likely, a quick bi-partisan consensus will be reached on continuing and expanding the wars in the Middle East, with the ultimate and insane goal of toppling the Syrian and Iranian governments.

A new consensus will be reached regarding the U.S. economy, as both parties will “work together” to lower the U.S. corporate tax rate and give other “incentives” to the corporations and rich investors to actually invest their money in something productive other than their Wall Street gambling.

Obama and the Republicans will continue to work on their bi-partisan public school agenda, which aims to privatize the public schools through charters schools, an idea first proposed by the Reagan administration.

And while Republicans moan about Obamacare, they agree with its central feature, that “the market” should determine who gets health care and of what quality, based on what you can afford. The Republicans will loudly crow about this or that aspect of Obamacare they want eliminated, but the central logic is bi-partisan.

Ironically, as Obama continues to act in favor of the very wealthy, the Republican-controlled congress will give the president a chance to regain his lost popularity among Democrats. The Republicans are likely to use their control of the House and Senate to put forward legislation to appease their Christian fundamentalist base, targeting either abortions, immigrants, homosexuals, etc.

Obama will then get a chance to act as a “progressive” by using his veto power. After doing nothing for working people during his six years as president, Obama can become a “hero” again over a couple of social issues, just in time to re-energize Democratic voters for the 2016 election, which will falsely be labeled “the most important election of our lifetime.”

Vomit bucket, please.

Cooke POSITIVELY writes of our challenge to build a VIABLE third party against the rat bastards of BOTH corporate parties. This will not be easy considering the vast finances of the Wall Street overlords of BOTH corporate American parties.

Cooke explains that the survival of us average and hapless Americans as well as the rest of US-victimized humanity is dependent on a REAL empowered progressive force that supports "green job creation to fight climate change, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and taxing the rich and big corporations to pay for better schools and other vital social programs" and, I emphatically add, an end to violent US corporate-profiteering imperialism.

Such demands, Cooke declares, would “reverberate” with the working class of America since our “aspirations” have been so completely ignored for so very long now. No matter which corporate party wins.

As I write this I have the NewsHour on and that turkey David Brooks is smugly ruing the failure of Democratic Party liberalism in this last election.

"Democratic Party liberalism" is an oxymoron! Acceptance of this hard truth is necessary before REAL RECOVERY can happen in America.

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for the 1%

Next 2 Years

Ruth G. retires from the supremes when she realizes demodogs are not the party of Main Street.
Justice Byers does the same.
POTUS nominees are not crazy enough for repugs so there are no replacement judges.
Repugs close aca and replace with Hurry-Up-Die. 0 signs into law.
Repugs past law all poor children after middle school enter the military for 29yrs of duty to fight never ending 30yr war. 0
POTUS & Repugs hand SS to Wall Street, money disappears because computer hack.
Medi-Care closed.
POTUS & Repugs close all govt. programs to help the poor and cut all money to public schools.
Corp. given the right to vote, one vote per employee and that can be from any time in the said corp. history. This is every state, county, and city election.

Shamus does nail it. The Greens will needed a hell of a lot money to compete with corp. mouth pieces.