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The Bush gulag: Where are the bodies?

[I'm reposting and stickying this post from 12/05/2006, because nobody should think that Gitmo is the whole of America's problem with torture and executive lawlessness. The entire cancer of torture and executive lawlessness needs to be cut out. That's what "moving forward" means. See Jeralyn today on Ghost Air, which had twenty six planes. That's a lot of prisoners. Where are they? --lambert]

Let's do some arithmetic on how many prisoners Bush is holding in his gulags.

  1. We know that there are thousands of prisoners (estimates range from 7,000 to 35,000).
  2. Gitmo holds only 500.
  3. So, where are the missing thousands? The only alternatives I can think of:
    1. They've been released
    2. They're still in jail
    3. They've been disappeared.

Barring divine intervention, the bodies of the missing thousands occupy time and space in this world. Where are they?

Which door would you choose? (a), released? (b), still in jail? Or (c), disappeared?

Not (a), surely. Thousands of prisoners released, some probably tortured, others incommunicado and sought by their families, and we don't hear from any of them? I don't think so.

If (b), where are they being held, and who is holding them? Circumstantial evidence suggests that there is at least one gulag in Stare Kiejkuty, Poland, capable of holding thousands. Is that the only gulag, or are there others in Rumania, Afghanista, or other countries? Are there any domestic gulags? Have any of the gulags been privatized?

If (c), how was the disappearing done? If the administration followed the example of the Argentinian services, the prisoners would have been thrown out of airplanes over the Atlantic.

So, "President" Bush, where are the bodies? [In Latin, that would translate habeas corpus.]

NOTE Of course, these alternatives are not mutually exclusive: Some may be released, some held, some disappeared. It would also be interesting to know if Jose Padilla is the only US citizen held in the gulag and tortured.

UPDATE Regarding option (3)(c), disappearance, alert reader KelleyB suggests that we fasten our foil, and consider the possibility that the bodies could have been sold on the human tissue market. Is there anyone knowledgeable in that field who is aware of any seemingly unmotivated market fluctuations, post 9/11?

UPDATE Foil still firmly in place, we may presume that since Alberto "Culver" Gonzales is down with having DEA agents commit murder while wearing a wire, he wouldn't have any problem with tossing "enemy combatants" and "evildoers" out of airplanes; Pinochet, after all, is about to die in his own bed. Nor would Our Alberto blink at privatizing a solution through the dynamic and growing organ banks sector. This is, after all, the very same Gonzales who wrote the Texas death penalty memos for Bush, back in the day when the Beltway 500 was gobbling Olasky's "compassionate conservative" line like it was a super-sized cocktail weinie.

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