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The boys on the blogs cover the debate

The still-better-than-so-much-else, sigh, TPM:

But one of my big questions about this debate was Hillary Clinton's lack of aggressiveness toward Barack Obama. ... That was the big silence in this debate.

See? The Clinton Rules apply. Because you just know that if Hillary had been more aggressive--more aggressive than “Change you can xerox," that is--Marshall would have been lamented, more in sorrow than in anger, how others would reinforce her image as a bitch.

If you want to know what really went on, don't read the Boys On The Blogs. Read BTD (who, I remind you, is an Obama supporter, as opposed to having been assimilated by the OFB).

Oh, and remember my litmus test?

Will the standing ovation Hillary got be mentioned? The video shows it. Marshall doesn't mention it.

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Submitted by koshembos on

What really bothers me is the decimation of the progressive movement. First, it is clearly a change and second it may take a generation before we revive the progressive movement. At least we have the winner of the American Idol.

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Submitted by Stellaaa on

Is really a Libertarian who is against the war, (cause it's not cool) and wants the government to do something about the environment. This is who is passing as a progressive these days.

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Submitted by Sima on

I admit, a few years ago, to being very confused to find that 'liberal' was now a bad word and progressive was taking its place. Nothing against progressive but... liberal actually defines me pretty well. And populist, and yes, progressive to some degree.

Libertarian? No, not really. I can see some of their points, but I think their (non) solution sucks. I'm currently reading a book that's really got me thinking about this, I will probably post one of my first posts on it soon (after the cheese stuff I promised Lambert).

Anyway, I do think this could really burn the progressive movement. I also think we need to rise up out of the ashes and come back immediately, even if we have to relabel as 'liberal' or something else, since obviously some of the 'progressives' are actually nothing of the sort. Or, the progressive movement was never about being liberal. One or the other.