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The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation shares its views on the banksters

A letter to the membership:

The blame for increased costs needs to lie with the Wall Street robber barons who invested our hard earned pension dollars in phony equities and securities which led to a world-wide economic meltdown. This is now affecting many cities municipal bonds, the funding source of many public services and benefits for municipal employees, some of which are at risk of default. Wall Street executives got a taxpayer bailout, but we are the problem according to some. There are in fact studies indicating that police/fire/school teachers fully fund their pensions and subsidize the system because we are long-term employess and some die before even collecting back their contributions and interest earnings. Why we who have funded our own pensions as part of the "contract" for our public service are scapegoated is easy to understand, because we have always been convenient targets as police officers, never most of society's favorite public employees.

Yep. Clearly there are opportunities for fraternization [#33] if the goals of the Occupations can be put in the right light.

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blocks away in Manhattan to join with postal workers who had called for a Day of Support for the US post office and its workers.

The reporter said the cheers and joy when the two groups merged was amazing to hear.

So, OWS definitely has in mind assisting workers and union members as they can.

It was local WNYC reporting, and I can't find audio or transcript for it.

But here's NPR carrying another WNYC local reporter's piece on Occupy Wall Street. Audio and xcript.

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Wicked smart.

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Occupations can grow and change over time. Demos are two hours and then home.

I'm very interested in seeing what happens at the Oct. 6th event here in DC. I suspect it will benefit from the event in NYC.