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Check this slideshow from Pravda if you want to see why nobody in Versailles thinks DISemployment is a problem. Our feral elite don't see suffering, and without empathy, they can't imagine it. They say that money can't buy happiness...

... but it can sure take the sting out of being unhappy. As the slideshow demonstrates, money can buy isolation -- from all those smelly peasants....

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How does one reconcile this:

But nowhere is the region’s wealth more concentrated than the place where Talwar purchased her 15,000-square-foot white-brick estate home: Great Falls...

and this:

A white Mercedes sits next to a black Jaguar in the student parking lot at the local public high school, Langley High. At the community Easter egg roll, children grab eggs filled with chocolate and tiny gemstones like blue topaz and citrine.

with this:

...Great Falls residents tend to be low-key about their wealth...


I live in a remote rural town where (nominal) unemployment is estimated by the County Board of Supervisors to be upwards of 25 percent. The local food bank here estimates that it is supplementing the diets of 1 in 7 people in the two counties it serves. You still want to talk about "low-key"?

The conceit and self-delusion of these people is sickening.

Then there's the whole connection of their wealth to government spending. The first person profiled in the article ran a company that provided tech services to federal agencies. She had 350 employees and annual revenue of $100,000,000. Do the arithmetic. That works out to $285,714 per worker per year. So private enterprise can provide services cheaper than the Civil Service? Really?

How much you want to bet that the vast majority of Great Falls residents are small government, low tax advocates, at least in public.


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according to the Fairfax County Electoral Board Great Falls voted for:
Mark Warner for Governor in 2001 by a margin of 7 votes
LIBERAL Democratic State Senator Janet Howell in 2003 by a margin of 12 votes (on the other hand they also voted for Kristian nut Brickner over Democrat Gerry Connolly by a margin of 32 votes)
In 2004 they chose Bush over Kerry by a margin of 106 votes.
In 2005 Great Falls went for the entire Democratic ticket, Tim Kaine for Gov, Leslie Byrne for Lt Gov and Creigh Deeds for AG.
In 2006 Great Falls voted for Jim Webb over George Allen by 77 votes.
In 2007, running for reelection as Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Democrat Gerry Connolly carried Great Falls, as did the Democratic nominee for Dransville Supervisor, John Foust.
In 2008 McCain carried Great Falls over Obama by 34 votes. However, that same year Mark Warner sailed over Gilmore in Great Falls by a margin of 210 votes.
By 2009 the Republicans were resurgent in Great Falls, carrying for Gov, Lt Gov, and AG.
In 2010 Republican Frank Wolf carried Great Falls as he always does, not sure, but I think he lives in Great Falls.

In any case, Great Falls is a swing district, and not in any sense anti-gov. Certainly it is a lot of very rich defense contractors who live there, but they are not bloody minded the way the Koch brothers are.

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because this kind of wealth seems so conspicuous and useless. You mean to tell me that those kids really want to find gems in their Easter eggs instead of having fun playing in big cardboard boxes or making mud pies? Stupid.

I basically try to say to wealthy conservatives that I have no trouble with rich people per se. I have trouble with there being poor people. They mostly have a hard time disagreeing with me on that point. Although if they are alone with other wealthy people who knows what they say. "If they would rather die than they had better do it and decrease the surplus population, " said Scrooge.

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Washington DC has had a large, very visible, homeless population. Layfayette Park, right in front of the Whitehouse, is a favorite daytime place for homeless because of the benches and the beauty of the Park. Across from the White House, on the opposite side of the park, sits the US Chamber of Commerce.

There is also a large homeless population that spends it days in the park surrounding the US Capitol. Unlike the original Versailles, our political elite walks by incredible human suffering every single day. And they see it not.

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is really interesting. Because you realize how much the privatization of government has 1) increased the cost of providing gov't services and 2) created a new parasite class of government contractors--not just war and munitions sellers, but everything from construction to office supplies.

Of course these are not bugs but features.

While reading this, I actually started to understand the Tea party line of giving Washington less money. Because look at what they are doing with it! It's all getting siphoned by sucker fish.