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"The better we understand dictatorship, the better we can make democracy"

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"The authority of the federal officers ( the Stasi ) preserves the documents seized in 1990 by the Ministry of State Security in their archives GDR on. It is more than 111 kilometers of files material and more than 1.4 million photos. The BStU it provides according to statutory provisions of the Stasi Records Act ( StUG ) individuals, institutions and the public.

(photo) The former Stasi headquarters at Magdalene Street subway station in Berlin-Lichtenberg

Using this unique process in 1989/90 were in the course of the peaceful revolution in the GDR , the services of the former Ministry for State Security of the GDR ( Stasi ) of demonstrators occupied. Thus, the resolution of these secret police was forced. At times, the departments were former GDR secret police busy, to stop the destruction of files. Everyone concerned should obtain the legal right to access to his records, was the goal. Citizens will and freely elected parliament of the GDR paved the way for backup and controlled opening of the largely illegal landscaped Stasi files.


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While true in theory, it's only true in reality if one can mobilize the citizens to action.
This is sadly lacking in American society as it stands today.
The apathy and willful ignorance is beyond excusing and surely the final death-knell is not far in the future for the once republic of America.