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The best memo EVAH!

"P.S. And what's up with China?"

Ah, the Bush administration. Memories...

Thing is, there's no special reason to think of Obama's administration as being any different -- he uses Republican holdovers at DoD anyhow. Sure, instead of slaughterhouses like Iraq we've got running sores like Libya, Ukraine, Syria (and Iraq), but that's just because Bush broke the Army so we can't put boots on the ground. Obama would have fucked up just as badly as Bush if he'd been able to!

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I read last week how Al Baghdadi, leader of the ISIS movement, was initially radicalized at Bagram.....So, Carter and Reagan created Al Qaeda by importing Wahabists to Afghanistan whilst simultaneously empowering the House of Saud; Bush Jr. created ISIS in Iraq whilst continuing to shield the Saudis; now Obama is creating (?) in Syria......And that is just the Cliff's Notes version of the Sunni half of the equation. Continued intervention in the ME, in spite of all of the pretty words, has now completely eliminated any good will that we had in the region.

It is a snowballing dialectic, and raising the stakes is not helping.

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it is not and nippersdad so true