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The banksters need to be dominated, and Alisha Smith is just the woman for the job

(Back story at Yves's place; the usual suspects have started paying the usual service providers, and have discovered that one of the investigators on Scheiderman's staff is a dominatrix. Have at it, say I.) Abigail Field:

Dear Alisha Smith:

Thank you for your hard work in the New York Attorney General’s office. As a New Yorker, I appreciate that the AG’s office has consistently–from Spitzer to Cuomo to our present Schneiderman–taken a tougher stance against big banks and Wall Street than many, or perhaps most if not all AGs.

I appreciate that under AG Cuomo you and your colleagues forced BofA to pay $4.5 billion. [That's hitting 'em where it hurts!] I appreciate that the BofA suit was just one of many against the big banks for their ripping off small investors with auction rate securities. In total, those prosecutions resulted in $51 billion in restitution and penalties, mostly restitution. The restitution was paid to “Bank of America’s retail customers, small businesses with less than $15 million on deposit and charities with less than $25 million on deposit.” I am sure that you have been part of our current Attorney General’s efforts to hold the big banks accountable for their frauds, and I appreciate your work on that effort too.

Personally, I'm entirely comfortable with the picture of Lloyd, Jamie, and Brian (not to mention Larry, Timmy, and Barry) delightedly whimpering for release while they grovel beneath the spiked heel of a public investigator.

"Put on that orange jumpsuit. You know you want to!"

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I could care less what the woman does in her spare time, as long as it's legal. Apparently, I'm in the minority in America, or at least among the New York Post's readership.

Sadly, if the banksters want to suffer they can pay for the privilege. I suspect this explains why they keep trying to avoid judicially-administered pain. It's no fun if it's done on someone else's schedule.

Or so I've read...