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The attack on Chris Hedges

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Jane Hamsher has a good deconstruction here: The New Republic Publishes Hit Piece on Chris Hedges After the American Prospect and Salon Pass

In a way it is a good sign. It means that Hedges is making enough of a difference to be worth taking down.

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I guess he starting to be a pain in the ass to the so-called free Amerikan govt. I loved the law suit he and others filed on NDAA (I think that's it). I knew no bought and paid for fed. judge would go against the criminal element in doj or it puppet masters.

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I read the TNR piece, with the side-by-sides. I hate to give the black block ammo, and I agree with Hedges they're a cancer, but there are other cancers to be concerned with.

Hamsher seems to think that Salon and TAP are... non-partisan. That's a bizarre assumption, and puts tribalism right up front, where the commentariat follows, egregiously.

Finally, the TNR sourcing is Harpers. That's about the most trustworthy publication out there, far more so than Salon, TAP, or FDL.