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"The American Revolution was a Racist Revolt"


Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston, said, the American revolt of 1776 against British rule “was basically a successful revolt of racist settlers. It was akin to Rhodesia, in 1965, assuming that Ian Smith and his cabal had triumphed. It was akin to the revolt of the French settlers in Algeria, in the 1950s and 1960s, assuming those French settlers had triumphed.” Dr. Horne explores the racist roots on the American Revolution in his new book, Negroes of the Crown. “It was very difficult to construct a progressive republic in North America after what was basically a racist revolt,” said Horne. “The revolt was motivated in no small part by the fact that abolitionism was growing in London…. This is one of the many reasons more Africans by an order of magnitude fought against the rebels in 1776, than fought alongside them.”

A parallel work is Dark Bargain, which Publisher's Weekly pans, but readers give high marks. I'm with the readers.


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I think P.W. Botha in South Africa commented on this. I'm paraphrasing him-- he said that he was just doing the same thing that the American revolutionists had done, but had the "misfortune" to do it several hundred years later.

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... but I have to say that the picture of Philadelphia in the 1770s, when the Framers were doing their work, includes being 0 or 1 degree of separation from a slave owner and 1 or 2 degrees away from a slave. It's as very unsettling picture and assumes more and more centrality for me.

We might also look at the horrible damage that slave owing did to the political economies of the slave owning states, horrible damage that persists to this day in the form of honor culture, red state/blue state divisions, the persistence of systemic racism, and all the rest of it. I don't have the link on more blacks fighting as Tories and as Revolutionaries, but if it is true, it is quite telling. (Adding that one function of the well-regulated militia would, I imagine, have been to put down slave revolts.)