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The American Nightmare

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slave revolt
We just lost another one. So, I haven’t been in much of mood to write. Mary Mitchell naively asks what is happening? It’s the canary in the mine syndrome. They are coming to kill us Mary – Genocide.

The conventional wisdom that has panned out over my life is that the “hood” is a leading indicator of where the country is headed. So when the countdown to genocide began, with mass police round ups and detentions, I knew we were going to have hell to pay. Now the rhetoric is turning more and more xenophobic and anti-non-white. From France , to Britain , to Spain , to Holland white supremacy is making a come back. We won’t even talk about the Russians. Systematic exploitation of the poor and the confiscation and upwards redistribution of wealth are bad in normal times. Given the climate we are currently in when insurers are pulling out of entire states one wonders where we are on the Pentagon time table .

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We need you posting, Xenophon, exactly because none of us made/saw these connections...

OTOH, we're like a massive jazz combo or Parliament Funkadelic. People drop in and drop...

Still, as for "mood"...

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

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The mighty, mighty Corrente Building - Our very own Hall of Justice.


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No, I wouldn't make you actually go there, the link is to Wonkette:

--I have long thought that BJBilly was the worst president in history, now I am not so sure………..At least Clinton stuck to BJs instead of trying to f*ck the entire country, like Jorge.

--The conservative movement has now been set adrift….like so much jetsam. Our champion has become our betrayer, IMHO

--Look this is what it all boils down to, these people in Washington are no different than the celebrities in hollyweird,they do not respect the rule of law or the ten commandments. These people feel they are above the law and can do as they please. And that means they can turn the United States into a third world country.Right now these Washington jackasses are NOT paying attention to Iran because they are too busy making life easier for the RICH in MEXICO.

And my favorite:

I’m done with him on this and many other issues. I’ll never vote for him again.

Uh oh, looks like those plans for a third term have hit a bit of a reef....

Of course these people are still nuts. And I haven't heard any of the (ahem) sane people's (Pelosi, Kennedy, et al) rationale for whatever botchup of a compromise makes up this bill. But for the record, since Atrios has given us leave under the "rational people can disagree on immigration" I just go by the rule that if Bush approves of it it must suck. Big time. So I hope it goes down to defeat and we take the matter up again, if it needs taking up again, under a better president.

Hell, you are never going to "solve" illegal immigration as long as there is such an income disparity between the US and places contiguously south. Or accessible by sea or air for that matter. Hell all the illegals I knew back in Allentown were Irish who had overstayed tourist visas and worked off the books in restaurants, where they were valued for their charming accents.

O lord, it's 5 p.m. here and I hear Loud Obbs coming on the teebee down the hall. Hmm, do I really want to see a stroke live on TV? No, no I really do not. Off to change the channel and see how bad the Cubs (sob) no doubt lost to the despicable Mets today.

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Actually Iran is probably about 47th down on their list of Brown People Deserving Nukes. They were just gettin' their hate on about the mighty Empire of Atzlan (sp?) which is invading us and overwhelming the virtue of our Pure White Maidens with their massive capacity for breeding. Or something. I hate to be uncivil but really, sometimes those folks do not quite altogether entirely make a whole lot of sense.

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It is appalling how easily the authoritarian personality is manipulated.

All those nukes beg for somebody to incinerate. It's simply an issue of whipping up the rubes enough, and keeping the consequences of the hate from reaching the beautiful minds of the people that power the war machine.

Now watch this drive.

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