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The Abused Wife Congress Gets Bitchslapped...Again

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So what happens when an abused wife cooks, cleans, manages the children, earns a paycheck, and is docile and quiet?

Hubby slaps her around a little, just to keep her in line. Of course!

WASHINGTON - President Bush threatened yesterday to cancel thousands of pet projects that Congress inserted into a massive spending bill before leaving town this week, a move that could provoke a fierce battle with lawmakers in both parties who jealously guard their ability to steer money to favored purposes.

At an end-of-the-year news conference, Bush chastised Democratic leaders, saying they failed to live up to their campaign promise to curb so-called earmarks and said he has ordered his budget director "to review options for dealing with the wasteful spending in the omnibus bill."

Aides later said those options would include simply disregarding earmarks not included in binding legislative language.

Bush issued his warning during an expansive 48-minute session that he used to frame the results of 2007 as a victory for his priorities, highlighting areas where he forced Democrats to retreat while brushing past defeats for his own initiatives.

I'm so glad impeachment is off the table and the Democratic leadership gave Bush all 70B of the money he needed to keep the war and occupation going. Aren't you? It really motivates me to work hard for them next year.

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W can do about the earmarks. I'm sympathetic with the earmark bit but all the federal case law is pretty clear on this. There's nothing he can do. He might bluster but he can't do it. He'll lose and lose pretty quickly in court.