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The 29 hour work week: It's not just for nasty Republican restaurant owners anymore ;-).

I have a bad habit of looking at employment opportunities on about every web site I visited, even when I visit the zoo. Today was no exception. And what to my wondering eyes should bleed all over the page but a whole list of jobs with 29 hour work weeks! -- at least in the lowly positions, which are most of them. So sorry, college students. Thanks to a horribly thought out law, you can't earn that extra $400/month... Unless you can find two employers who will allow you to coordinate the irregular hours that typically come with part-time work, not to mention the extra commute time. If you can't do this, you'll just have to borrow the extra money from our government's banker friends! It's a win for all! Except the little people, of course.

Who would have ever guessed this would happen! I mean, yeah, Mr. Right-wing Olive Garden did it. But a city government in an uber liberal state skirts the ObamaCare mandate by limiting the most lowly paid employees to 29 hours/week? OMGee!!!! And BTW, where's the outrage from the local media over this? Non-existent.

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Hello, Mr. 29 hour work week.

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Submitted by quixote on

And I remember the cries of "Oh, they would never do that" as if they were yesterday. "Oh, there's no sign of anyone cutting hours." "Oh, nobody would ever cancel employees benefits and dump them into Obamacare." Etc., etc., etc.

Which means we can expect to see this covered in the Big Media about a year from now.

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IIRC, somebody told me that employers would work people full time for 3 weeks, then cut them to 29 hours on week 4, then repeat.

That would soften the blow, a bit, compared to just 29 hours weeks.

It's still craptastic, though, compared to what we should have had.