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Thanksgiving table conversation

Ours focused on the year, which was hard, though all of us came through (fortunately). And since some of us were academics, and most of us had been traveling, the TSA was a good way to talk about politics without talking about politics.

One interesting data point: One of us is the head of an institution that holds international conferences, so and but he doesn't even hold conferences in the US anymore, since the security theatre-driven visa requirements for non-US scholars are now so onerous.

It's almost like they want us to be stupid peasants, isn't it?

Oh, and the food was very good this year. Much fresher. The local turkey and the fresh vegetables made the meal not beige and bland. Yay!

And what transpired around your table?

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Submitted by PA_Lady on

My mother is an Obamabot, so any discussion of politics or related topics (which is just about everything) turns into my being accused of "not understanding how politics really works" and her being being called a blind cheerleader for the Democrats and their pretensions of doing something. Best not to go there....

Mostly, we reminisced about old times and enjoyed the lovely food, 80% of which came from our gardens, including the pumpkin pie.

Submitted by gob on

For Thanksgiving, we had an adorable baby to entertain us, musical instruments to play, and a parental hospitalization to worry us, so the politics moratorium just came naturally. Great food. I'm sorry now.