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Thanksgiving for me, but not for thee

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In the tradition of hearkening back to holiday massacrees of days gone by, each year at this time, I re-post this item from my ol' solo blog: a response to the Christianist grinch who tried to steal Thanksgiving.

More horrors from WaPo's new "On Faith" forum, this time courtesy of R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary:
Thanksgiving has been transformed into an iconic American event. This leaves us with a fascinating question -- how do unbelievers celebrate Thanksgiving?

Here is the response I posted:

Dr. Mohler,

As I savor the leftovers of my 49th Thanksgiving -- none of which was ever a remotely religious affair -- I am struggling to digest your divisive and demeaning post.

It is terribly sad to see that this is the kind of message that's supposed to be reflective of Christ's love. And it's sad to see yet another stain on the Washington Post's once-proud record, that they would provide a platform for this narrow-minded nonsense.

If your wikipedia entry is correct, and you believe in "the 'verbal plenary inspiration' of the Bible, and that it is the inerrant, infallible Word of God," there probably isn't much point in debating you, is there? The Word was written millennia ago, translated many times, and interpreted by you and your brethren. So you will, de facto, always be correct. And those of us who are merely Americans, but not Christian Americans, will be wrong.

So, I'll confine my remarks to the following...

1. "Thanksgiving Without A Giver?" The "giver" in Thanksgiving isn't an invisible guy in the sky who receives thanks. That would be a "taker." The giver in Thanksgiving is the American citizen, who pauses to reflect on nature's, humanity's, and this fortunate country's bounty. Someone who isn't blinded by Christianist bigotry is able to see the beauty in all things and in all people and wouldn't seek to marginalize those who make the idiosyncratic choice *not* to base their lives upon [an] old book.

2. "The secular vision of thanksgiving feels empty and false... Those who disbelieve in God may substitute some 'attitude of gratitude' for thanksgiving, but it does look like a pale and artificial substitute."

You guys are doing a heck of a job taking over a country that used to rigorously keep church and state separate.

Enjoying and respecting Thanksgiving as a holiday for all Americans is just not good enough for you holy folks.

Thanks to people like you, my country is beginning to look like a "pale and artificial substitute" of the great land I grew up in.

The president y'all helped install has brought disgrace to this country -- Iraqi deaths in the hundreds of thousands (trading "thou shalt not kill" and "turn the other cheek" for pre-emptive war), and an "ownership society" that would have shocked Christ more than any nails driven into him did.

Here's an idea: appreciate people for their humanity, rather than denigrating them for failing to be part of your flock.

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Thank you for reposting this entry. What a great way to start the celebration of nothing in particular except the beauty of our being.