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My favorite holiday -- notice how there's never any Thanksgiving muzak? No marching bands or flags? No drooling suits performing market segmentation on the unwitting populace? Just lots and lots of wine and root vegetables and dessert and passing of dishes and plates. And, of course, the tryptophans.

I have a lot to be thankful for, both in RL and here, and one thing I'm especially thankful for -- since that "blog and grow rich" plan hasn't worked out real well --- is having fuel and a house that hasn't been foreclosed on; and for that I have to thank you guys.

NOTE OK, OK, the myth of the pilgrims is pretty nasty when you look at what, to many of us, is the subtext; read 1491.

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

of which you speak? I'm thankful for my gimlet eye which can lock onto the best desserts and make a successful play for them. And for the deserted streets which are perfect for a long walk in early afternoon.

Submitted by lambert on

My brain seems to file words sonically; hence, "paced" for "passed" etc.

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What I mentally saw was a table full of people who took their time to relish each in a succession of dishes, pacing themselves to enjoy the bounty gratiously. I was contrasting this civilized dining with the rather more expeditious style of my chow-downs.

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Submitted by Jeff W on

And thanks, lambert and other Corrente people, for your great blogging. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Submitted by jumpjet on

I have a very big family, so Thanksgiving is always a treat because we all come together. It's especially nice because most of my sisters are in college these days, so the holidays are a time to see everyone again.

I hope most of all that no one is alone on Thanksgiving, or any other holiday. Holidays, like the ancient feast days, are anchors of community and family, and they should above all else be used to renew contact with those we love, whether they're relatives or not.

So everyone have a Thanksgiving filled with other people!