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I'll keep it simple: I have a lot to be thankful for -- everyone who helped out with my plumbing disaster. You all really gave me a lift. Thanks!

Thanksgiving linky goodness below:

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite Holiday because it's about just what its name implies -- and food, which is one of those basic, low-on-Maslow's hierarchy things we hope to be thankful for every day. Not a shopping stimulus like some other holidays.

Now, the recipes? The memories? Readers?

NOTE And in the realm of the traditional, It's a wonderful life (nice idea, all the YouTubes). And, of course, Alice's Restaurant. Or a live blog from Brooklyn.

UPDATE The Classic. By which I don't mean the Detroit Lions. And then, of course, there's William S. Burroughs (via). And Bush's final turkey pardoning. Speaking of turkeys, ouch! Double ouch!!

UPDATE And Sean-Paul says that if he can raise $500 for Cambodian charities (he's travelling in Asia), he'll eat a tarantula for Thanksgiving! Although Oprah's now into shared sacrifice. Straws in the wind -- but, so far, no bricks.

UPDATE I should also say, again, how thankful I am to the anonymous usability expert who redesigned the site. That was a Christmas present, too!

UPDATE Digby posts a cake recipe. And Anglachel confronts the weather in Sunny California.

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mom is cooking the turkey and pumpkin pie. dad will carve the turkey and pour the wine. i'm bringing garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and wild rice salad. we'll call my brother and his family if they don't call us first.

and now i have to go give the dog a bath. it's 80 degrees here and he's decided to shed his winter coat, all of it, today.