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Thanks to Correntians who are still adding "Logo" photos....

.... which then appear on the masthead. It's always pleasant to see a new one! (The logos rotate randomly, so there is always the possibility of surprise.)

If you click the "Logo" link at top right, a post creation form will appear (like a blog post with a few different features). Click the "Help" link next to a blue triangle at left for directions.

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... including gardens, but also freeway stops, famous buildings, architectural details, etc. They tend not to be family portraits, however.

Click the "Logo" link in the top menubar and then open up Help with the blue clicky triangle.

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Problem with photo. I'll try again later

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Since knitting has such complicated data structures.

I tend to crop for interesting patterns, rather than a whole structure or environment, but that's me.

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.... but click the HELP link, with the triangle to its left, for directions. It's probably much simpler than the directions read, but I did tech doc in a past life.