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Thank you Kucinich and Massa

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Who Will Stand with Kucinich and Massa?

Of the 88 members of the House who say they are for a single payer national health care system, which ones will stand with Kucinich and Massa for single payer and against Obamacare in the upcoming health care end game?

Only a handful will need to come over to defeat Obama’s bailout of the health insurance corporations.

And trigger a national debate on how to replace those hundreds of health insurance corporations with one single payer.

Read the whole post for some interesting insight into labor and Healthcare-NOW!

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Submitted by selise on

OT, but i didn't know where else to put it (please forgive me DCblogger?)... i've now read the nov 13 CMS report on hr 3962 and it's clear that a 10%+ cut in medicare is included (over $100 billion/year by 2019). some of this looks like real cuts to me. has anyone else seen this or can lend a hand in determining the seriousness of the cuts? it looks serious to me, but what do i know? thanks!

p.s. in a lame attempt to make this comment sorta on topic, if these cuts to medicare funding are indeed problematic, perhaps it could be of use in getting some support for kucinich and massa?

Submitted by hipparchia on

anytime you have a comment like this that you think is off-topic, feel free to post it as its own post! even if it's only about as long as quick hit would be over at open left, it'll be fine as a post here. especially on a topic as important as this one.

i've been digging through that cms report [thanks for the link].

the two things that worry me so far are pay cuts to nursing home providers and pay cuts to home health care providers [table 3 at your link]. these are both areas where unscrupulous providers are robbing medicare, but our seniors are already short-changed in getting adequate care even in the best of facilities [whether in a nursing home or at home with home health care] so this bothers me.

cms suggests these cuts may in time become steep enough that providers will stop providing [page 8 at your link, last full paragraph] these services. so, while it's true that medicare benefits won't be cut, the policies enacted may make those benefits more scarce [kinda like stupak wouldn't outlaw abortion outright, but would make it that much more difficult for a lot of women to get one].

i'll look at the rest of it tomorrow if i get a chance.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

our best chance to defeat the current health insurance bail out is to get into the weeds and make it clear that this is a very very very bad bill.

Submitted by hipparchia on

it would be funny, if it weren't so deadly serious, to see the openlefters mock, deride, and grumble about kucinich and massa, the only two of the 'progressive block' [that was championed by ol] who held to their principles.

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Submitted by Bryan on

There are only two Republican Congresscritters left in the New York delegation, and Massa's district is really hurting.

He isn't a "wild-eyed liberal", and his position isn't really based on liberal belief. He is a fiscal conservative, but a real one. He knows that people in his district will be hurt, not helped by this bill. His district needs HR 676 and he knows it which is why he ran on the issue.

His district has been devastated by outsourcing, losing huge numbers of good manufacturing jobs that went to Asia and health insurance disappeared with the jobs. That's why he won. In the real world he would be a centrist, which tells you how bad things have become.

I would trust his judgment on any bill that comes out, because he would read it and really is interested in helping the people in his district, not in having a political career. He is a retired Naval officer and doesn't need the money to live in Corning. He has close ties to Wes Clark, but was a Republican for years.

Submitted by hipparchia on

so much as actually representing his constituents.

although i guess in the present political climate it does take courage to represent actual people.