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Thank you Corrente community

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Thanks to the generosity of the Corrente community I have a shiny new-to-me DELL Latitude D531 Laptop. Connectivity makes a HUGE difference to me. Otherwise I am rationed to 2 hours a day on the library computers.

So I am sitting here tapping on my laptop in my apartment, so much better.

I have a whole bunch of posts on grassroots politics planned that I hope will be worthy of your support.

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Submitted by blues on

I notice that in the "Recent quick hits" section to the right here there appears: "Old school blogger needs help: Kevin Hayden."

Would that be the Kevin Hayden who ran "The American Street" blog? Even though I used to blog there quite often back in the day, I could hardly find anything about that site, except:

Kevin Hayden’s Leaving the Street

That was posted on January 16, 2007. Where has the time gone? I feel like I've perhaps wasted a bit of time.

That was a great blog. I have always been fond and appreciative of Kevin.

It looks like good blogs run by people to the "left" of Jeff Rense are almost nonexistent. I would run a regular blog if I could type more than a few words a minute, although a keep a very slow moving one about voting methods. We need more of this kind of blogs!

Good luck Kevin, wherever you are!

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but you posted this at Fri, 12/20/2013 - 9:50pm now it's now 8:57am in Calli I don't see anything happening;) I hoping next week my computer person can save my laptop and then update my pc. Enjoy the new toy tool.