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Thailand's cuddly junta

If you care about democracy worldwide you should be giving this story attention. The world is now very much inter-connected, and you can bet that military regimes everywhere, including Thailand's junta, have studied the events in Egypt carefully, just as democratic activists studied Tahrir Square. And if the Thai Generals pull off the feat of seizing power in Thailand and holding onto it, against the express wishes of a geographically concentrated 60% of the country, the Red Shirts/UDD in the North/Northeast, you can bet other elites will study up. For example, our own, and why not? A general can dream!

Two tweets. First, Red Shirt/UDD/former government members are still in custody:

Indeed. And then this:

Dear Lord, it's like the mortgage crisis, isn't it? Remember how the banksters would horribly abuse some homeowner, be forced to back off, and then swear the homeowner to secrecy as a condition of the settlement?[1] Doesn't give me a lot of confidence in this junta.

NOTE [1] At Gitmo, lawyers and guards have been asked or forced to sign non-disclosure agreements. I'm not sure about prisoners.

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...the junta is not cuddly. Yeah, yeah, I know snarky/sarcastic.
Tuesday, I had my first real conversation with my wife about the situation and it was very enlightening and lowered most of my anxiety. At 56 years old, she's (my wife) been through her fair share of the Thai way of politics. To say this is normal wouldn't be too far a stretch from true. But then, that's garnered from a lifetime of experience as a Thai in Thailand.

The western ethnocentrists' seem to think everything needs come from western values/pov as regards democracy and *freedoms* (most of whom have no idea what the hell freedom even is).
Now, tie that into an internal politic which they (westerners) do not understand combined with the divisions, in country, between factions; many of whom also do not understand (blind belief and bought loyalties), and one has a volatile mix of culture, economic hierarchies, social hierarchies, educational hierarchies and family's social status/connections and ancestry (very important).
I find your reportage unhelpful for clarity and nothing more than anecdotal, which is meaningless for non-Thais, IMHO.
It's also difficult to be entertained by a situation that affects so many people.

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and throat. Put your family and your own situation first. When all this over (my Thai friends here, gave me a heads-up something like this was coming well before I left, and said wait until 2015) hopefully I will be able to visit again.

That said... As we both know, it's a polarized situation in Thailand, so it's natural there would be opposing views among the Thais themselves. I do curate my sources, with special focus on native speakers and those married to Thais, and some very long term (decades) expats. I also take care not to include material that would in the very worst case actually endanger anyone in the Kingdom (assuming the tweets above would not do that).

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...I did not intend to imply you were putting anybody in harms way; you're not.