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Thailand election: More on the massage tycoon

Interviewing the cab driver is a well-worn trope, but deployed here successfully:

With the Honda Civic in the shop and the desire to head home for a Skype date, yours truly hailed a cab from the Bangkok Post building. In the streets, passing all the campaign signs, including a moustached man with a dog in one poster and a baby in another, the taxi driver remarked: ''I like [Chuvet]. I will vote for [Chuvet]. At least he tells the truth.''

This sentiment reflects those of many voters, whether working class, middle class or high class -- those who are sick and tired of manipulative political factions and their scheming politicians.

At least Chuwit tells it like it is, and is entertaining to boot. The sad state of Thai politics is such that this is the best many of us can hope for.

I called it, ''the F-it vote''!

Truth telling, and entertainment? The Thais are doing way better than we are!

NOTE Lots of other good detail on Thai patronage systems, too.