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Thailand anti-coup activists spraypaint an Armored Personnel Carrier

[I'm plugging away at the Thailand story not only for personal reasons, but because rarely do you see a country in the act of accepting (or rejecting) democracy. In addition, I think the tiny, global elite who really rule the worlds-- a class of a few thousand of post- and trans-national squillionaires -- view the current worldwide struggle over governace as (a) an opportunity for exploitation, and (b) a giant set of experiments to see what they can get away with. If the Bangkok elites are able to successfully deny the vote to a majority of the Thai people, you can be sure that the global elite will notice that and apply the lessons.* It's not only strategies and tactics of resistance that can leap the world Tahrir to Madrid to Madison to Manhattan-style, as the occpations did: It's strategies and tactics of repression. I have heard, for example, that the success of the Generals in Egypt heartened and emboldened the Thai generals. We are in the midst of a world-wide struggle, even when it shows up in our backyards, so it behooves us to learn about the word. --lambert]

This is [#26], "Paint as a protest." Here's another shot:

Needless to say, spraypainting an Army APC takes a lot of courage. And at first I got all fuddy-duddy about the punk spraypainter, but when I thought about how K-Pop boy bands represent, I thought it was pretty cool and a propos. Also, black seems to the the anti-coup color. Very importantly, not red. Or yellow. Whatever else the Red and Yellows may be, they are not cool, let alone punk.

NOTE * A successful state, as Thailand is successful (the Detroit of Asia) is, I believe, a more interesting object of study than a failed one like Ukraine, or Syria.

UPDATE I think this could be one of the "pop-up" demonstrations described here.

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