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Thai yellow shirts take to YouTube


The Nation:

Speaking in English with an American accent, she accuses Thaksin of using the money he "stole" from Thailand to pay protesters to run riot during the Songkran festival.


Again, I can't help but look at this through an American lens: The red shirts from the poor Northeast are, on the average, less likely to see a YouTube than the urban dwelling yellow shirts. So the video is meant for international consumption, or as self-reinforcement for the yellow shirt faction. It's a lot like cell phones vs. social networking, isn't it?

And, as so often online, the rhetoric escalates too:

"You'd better @#$% stop doing it [destroying Thailand] right now or we will pitch in and hire someone to @#$% kill you and all your family members."

Not very Thai, I would say. Or at least not Buddhist.

And a second YouTube accused Thaksin of lese majeste -- the yellow shirt seizure of loyalty to the king reminds me of Republicans seizing "family values." Ick.

NOTE Via a Reuters Press Digest. Reuters, Bloomberg, and McClatchy are all so much more interesting than AP, aren't they?

UPDATE What I wish would happen: the Red Shirts figure out a 198-Fold Path approach. The world needs non-violent, gentle, funny, and effective ways of effecting real change, and I -- stereotyping greatly, here, no doubt --think the Thai people are uniquely capable of showing us the way forward, here. (This approach also solves the lese majeste issue as well, I would say. And the yellow shirts making loyalty into a tool of faction must piss people off over there as much as it would here. Damn, I wish we had a Thai correspondent!)

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