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Thai Army declares martial law (2)

(Part I.)

Earliest first, latest last. And lots of speculation!

Above: Jatuporn is Red Shirt (RS) leader. He made his call. Because he know a coup was coming? Because he knew a deal was coming? And how can something not be a coup if you don't tell the government about it?

Above: Blue Sky is Yellow Shirt. UDD is Red Shirt. That looks even-handed but what happens if you shut down a game with one side ahead?


Which??? Both identically time-stamped.....

Above: The PM appears!!! (After the UDD cancelled???? or not???


The pro-government Red Shirt leadership is holding a press conference. Leader Jatuporn Prompan has urged supporters to remain calm, and reassured people the government is still there.

Above: Well, that answers my questions I suppose: The press conference was held (I haven't seen any tweets on a PDRC conference) and the government exists. Nevetheless, where is the PM physically, right now?

(Part I.)

Above: Well, that answers my questions I suppose: The press conference was held (I haven't seen any tweets on a PDRC conference) and the government exists. Nevetheless, where is the PM physically, right now?

Above: But where?! And when?!

Above: Pretty amazing.

Above: Also amazing. Maybe the Army and the UDD threw Thaksin under the bus?!?

Above: Correction: Thaksin and Pheu Thai?

Above: PKCC.

Asian Correspondent:

10.55am: Independent legal analyst Veerapat Pareeyawong provides some context in the current situation via Facebook:

The situation in Thailand is uncertain but at least one thing is very clear: the military has two obvious choices: either use this opportunity to create a secured and inclusive environment for election and reform under civilian government; or to push for a pseudo-legitimate process that replaces the caretaking government with transitional guarantees for the traditional elites.

With full powers in its hand there is no more excuse for the military to remain reluctant. The unmasking moment is coming.

Above: The unmasking of the Army! Very theatrical! And IIRC (blew past tweet and can't find it), the Army, under Martial Law, can request a Royal Decree that the Constitution be revoked (or whatever the term of art is). Nothing like that yet.

(Sorry for the dupes, no removed.)

Above: Again with the missing Royal Decree.

Above: Could be worse, at least now. Need some news from the PDRC....

Above: Fair enough.

Above: Community radio is huge in the Red Shirt/UDD/government North/Northeast.

Above: Uh oh. (Then again, with friends like these....)

Above: Army takes back ("takes" back?) Government House from the PDRC.

Above: OK. PM's non-appearance makes sense now. And a safe-house makes sense, given the way PRDC goons have been hunting down government members and breaking up meetings. Makes even more sense given that militants and hot-heads on both sides want a civil war, and one good way to do that would be to fund some snipers....

Above: Indeed. Though it's still open to question whether it's a hand-over from one faction to a second faction, or a hand-off between members of the same faction.

Above: So if there is a deal, is the US in on it? I understand that Prayuth talks to Podesta....

Above: Sitrep from a financial house. "Key is to watch the Reds." So far, they've gotten a transcript.

Above: Dittoez, pretty much the same. A ton of motorcycles zipped out from Bangkok the Red Shirt camp at Aksa yesterday: I wonder if they were securing their communications? (Motorcycle drivers, part of the working class that glues Bangkok together, are very much Red Shirts. Also, IIRC, Thaksin gave them those orange uniforms!)

Above: Again on the legality of declaring ML.

Above: More signs of a deal, although in fact structures in Thailand, physical or otherwise, tend to be lightweight, like the PRDC shutting down a highway by putting a park bench in the road. Of course, they can be so light because of the promise of massive force behind the lightness. But still.

Above: Thaksin weighs in.

Above: Amazing Thailand!

Above: Red Shirts to Army: "And we get?" Safety in numbers, you know. (Of course, if their funding from Thaksin got pulled... Unless they found another source...)

Above, two: Thaksin a bit more visible.

Above: Finally, that ginormous flaming pustule Suthep is heard from, but he doesn't get a press conference like the UDD. Somebody really has moved Suthep into the general vicinity of a bus. Good news!

Above: Reds (at press conference above) lay down a marker: Prayuth is head of the Army, hence running the country under martial law right now. Reds want Army back in the barracks, and wouldn't that be nice.

Above: Presumably specially brought in from the provinces, not the locals!

Above: Not seeing a powerhouse here, though to be fair, I don't think this is Democracy monument, where PDRC has its earthen bunkers.

Above: Cowardly as usual.

Above: This is a very good question, especially with all the police returning to their homes in the North and Northeast.

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