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Texas Presbyterian whistleblower comes foward, shows how MBA misleadership class treated ebola nurses like cannon fodder

Really, really appalling:

[Briana Aguirre, who has worked at the Dallas hospital for three years, ] cared for nurse Nina Pham, 26, who was diagnosed with Ebola this weekend after caring for Mr Duncan, who died from Ebola last Wednesday.

Ms Aguirre said that although her protective gear had been upgraded from the original mask, gown, gloves and booties - there was still a gap of several inches at the neck.

So this happened:

Nurse Aguirre said: 'To be honest, I threw a fit. I just couldn't believe it, in the second week of an Ebola crisis at my hospital, the only gear they were offering us allowed our necks to be uncovered.'

She asked an infectious disease nurse why the suits allowed her neck to be exposed and was told to cover the gap with strips of one-inch tape.

Which is (a) dangerous if there are gaps, and (b) messy to remove, especially (c) if there is nobody supervising the removal, which, since Texas Presbyterian didn't adopt the Doctors Without Borders protocol, there wasn't.

Ms Aguirre said that she asked someone, who identified himself as vice-president of Texas Presbyterian, why they could not request better protective gear from surrounding hospitals.

The nurse said the administrator promised to call her back with some information on where to get help - but never did.

That administrator is a murderer.

NOTE Oh, and Texas Presbyterian is a death trap. From Aguirre's Today interview:

“I watched them violate basic principles of nursing," Aguirre told TODAY's Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview that aired Thursday. "I would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. I would feel at risk by going there. If I don’t actually have Ebola, I may contract it there," she said.

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It's all okay, though, because Obama is on it! Apparently he's hired a Czar. Of course, one of the qualifications of this job is to be a "Democratic Insider," and lo and behold, this guy fits the bill. (See the video). However, he has absolutely no experience with health care, epidemics or anything else like that.

So Obama's answer to all of this is to play even more politics. Because the CDC head wasn't doing that well enough.

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were there is suffering there's money to be made and 0 friends in pill world need more cash. Sad:(