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Texas' leaders seek support for US veterans

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From the Burnt Orange Report, Houston's mayor and the Democratic Congressman who represents W's home district in Texas are onto a truth that needs more coverage. I didn't know before today that Texas is home to one of every 11 US service members; but we all know that treatment our returning veterans get isn't what it should be. We all have an obligation to do the right thing by the veterans, too. What you think that right thing is may not be the same as what I think it is, but I think White and Edwards are on the right track.

Pull that magnet off the SUV in the next parking spot, and ask its owner whether s/he's thanked a veteran for serving in person lately.

What you have to realize is that the people in the uniforms are our families, our neighbors, our friends -- and yes, in a very real sense, they're protecting us.

Can you imagine the consequences, had the attention and intent of the current government really been directed at creating and enforcing domestic policy instead of the war?

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