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Testosterone poisoning...

The latest W (please, don't ask) supplies the following data point on "our" ongoing financial meltdown:

When Stanford University released a recent study saying that men are more prone to taking financial risks when faced with erotic images, it was no surprise to the car-show marketers who drape models over their vehicles or to the Hollywood studio execs who employ the infamous “D-girls” to woo producers. Strategic mixing of business and pleasure has been around for eternity.

But in recent years, such strategizing has infiltrated even the most buttoned-up of enclaves: the world of finance. Nowhere is the phenomenon more blatant than at hedge funds, where the term “marketing executive” has become all but synonymous with a blond in Theory trousers (the rule being figure-hugging is a go, Roberto Cavalli a no). “Hedge funds aim to hire hot women [to work in marketing],” claims Bess Levin, a writer at the insider-y finance blog Much like the army of attractive pharmaceutical reps who make pitches to doctors on behalf of drug companies, these perky twentysomethings have taken over the task of luring clients for their wonky portfolio manager bosses. “Guys who have a load of money [invested] in these big funds are often pigheaded, type A male personalities,” says one male marketer by way of explaining the estrogen predominance in his field. “They want a hot chick with a nice ass and nice boobs who is going to come in and sell the fund to them. I have a friend in the industry who is drop-dead gorgeous, and even she knows that’s the only reason she has her job.”

“You meet these bimbos and they say, ‘Oh, I work at a hedge fund,’ and you think, What?!?” says one head of an investment bank who pals around with high net worth investors. “And then you realize, Oh, this is, like, the PR girl. And it’s a wildly successful strategy [for some]. The influential rich people who put money into these things like to be titillated by pretty girls.”

Hedge funds and Big Pharma, eh?

We. Are. So. Fucked.

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when their institutions of higher learning kick them loose, don't you?

pharmaceutical sales.

You'd think they'd help a body out by giving out samples to the people, but no subversion of the medical system there -- and, it would be Against the Law, ne?

But think of that army understanding that their parents and brothers and sisters and friends weaken, as they grow stronger, and think what they could do if -- Nah. Why even bother allying that image with hope?

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Submitted by Violet Socks on

I don't know what's more depressing: that the financial industry is so rank with so misogyny, or that an article on the subject could be so utterly sexist, sneering, and clueless.