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Terrorists prosecuted in US court.

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Who would have thought this was possible? Really, shouldn't we have shipped them to Guantanamo or renditioned them to a black site for interrogation before trying something so lame as the US justice system? You'd think they were, like, criminals, or something. Ohhh, they're whiiiiite.


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It appears one of the leaders of the plot, Isaac Aguigui, was a page at the '08 Republican nominating convention. (Link at the article above.)

Let's see, they were plotting to blow up a dam and poison the apple crop in WA state, bring down the government, and assassinate the sitting president. For which they bought $87,000 worth of guns, materiel. Wonder where they got the money for that stuff, or did they steal most of it?'

Oh, I forgot about taking over an Army base in GA. High hopes!

At least they had really, really big plans, as opposed to so many of the poor Islamists tricked into getting themselves involved in a usually pittifully small plot not of their origin. And getting life, of course.

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Came from a life insurance policy on the leader's late wife. Whom he is suspected of murdering, along with another soldier and girlfriend, who were apparently about to bring in the police.

Which is what got them investigated.