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Terms With No Meaning

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"Blue Dog Democrat"

Last I checked we had a "progressive" House Speaker and president and scores of "progressive" house members who "support" HR676. But did these quote-unquote progressives do anything to give single payer or a Hacker like Medicare public option a chance? They saved their half-assed tears until after the shit sausage was almost assured passage (looking angrily at John Conyers and Howard Dean here). If progressives are not doing anything to curtail these supposed Blue Dogs then isn't it time we stopped pretending there were two distinct and real factions within the Democratic Party?

We have to stop holding on to the legacy of the Democratic Party of LBJ and FDR. Its not my grandparent's Democratic party.

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I agree, but I want to add, that from FDR through Carter, including Ike and Nixon, the country was largely united in the concept of FDR's vision and policies. Since Reagan and much more importantly Reaganism/Friedmanism, this country has been pursuing Friedmanesque policies which are nothing more than re-warmed 19th century economics. Those 19th century Friedmanesque policies, failed and then failed again and again until FDR was finally able to stop the nonsense.

The idiocy of my to be forced to watch the re-enactment of a set of policies that brought misery, poverty and two world wars being supported by both parties. I never understood the anger of the French revolutionary mobs...I do now.