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The Tequila Party!

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Latino Leaders Swirl Around the Idea of Tequila Party. (via comments at Wonk the Vote's site)

Latino leaders in Nevada and nationwide are quietly debating whether to sever their traditional Democratic ties and form an independent grass-roots political group.


“There’s a feeling that Democrats aren’t listening,” said Louis DeSipio, a Chicano studies and political science professor at the University of California, Irvine.


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They have been able to mobilize millions of people. They had the sit in in the Chicago factory. They pushed and won concessions in tomato picking in Florida. Latin America has already gone through the Shock Doctrine and they are pushing back against the IMF and World Bank.

I don't think there is anyway to resuscitate the Democratic Party. So it is time to move on and I would love to join a Tequila Party.

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they've already been through this shlt -- that's why most of them immigrated in the first place.

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Oh, do we ever now that feeling, Prof. DeSipio!

Are there Democrats from the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party who realize what's happening to the party? What Obama and his handlers have wrought?

Do they fear to act or speak out, as that might create an irreparable schism within the remnants of the party?