If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Ten Tips Guaranteed to Improve Your Startup Success"

This is so awesome I'm going to quote almost all of it:

  1. Be raised with access to clean drinking water and sanitation. (Every tech billionaire I've ever spoken to has a toilet!)
  2. Try to be born in a region that is politically and militarily stable.
  3. Grow up with a family that is as steady and secure as possible.
  4. Have access to at least a basic free education in core subjects.
  5. Avoid being abused by family members, loved ones, friends or acquaintances during the formative years of your life.
  6. Be fluent in English, or have time to dedicate to continuously improving your language skills.
  7. Make sure there's enough disposable income available to support your learning technology at a younger age.
  8. If you must be a member of an underrepresented community or a woman, get comfortable with suppressing your identity. If not, follow a numbingly conventional definition of dominant masculinity.
  9. Be within a narrow range of physical norms for appearance and ability, as defined by the comfort level of strangers.
  10. Practice articulating your cultural, technological or social aspirations exclusively in economic terms.

I'm a total #FAIL at #10!

I guess that's the problem!

NOTE I think all of these items are "rents." We see these rents in the most extreme form in aristocrats or oligarchs, but they operate for all of us. "There but for the grace of The God(ess)(e)(s) Of Your Choice, If Any, go I is really the right perspective on so many things. (Or, I suppose, the operations of karma.)

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