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Ten people shot by police, one fatality

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This is the headline which could be written about the Empire State Building incident yesterday. No news organization seems to want to challenge 'standard' police procedure which somehow makes it ok for multiple officers to start shooting into a crowd of people. Why does no one question whether there isn't a better way to handle this type of situation?

If the reports and video are correct, once the killer was on the street he didn't pose a threat to anyone until cornered by police in a crowd. At which point, he pointed his gun at officers - not at anyone on the street. Also, he never fired his gun while outside. So I have to ask who posed a threat to New Yorkers standing or walking on the street Friday? Police.

Was it a dangerous situation? Yes. Who were police protecting? Themselves (after a gun was pointed at them), clearly not the bystanders. Look I don't know anything about law enforcement but somehow I would think that professionals would have some better idea than to chase a dangerous criminal into a crowd with guns blazing.

Seems to me this follows on many instances where police feel free to fire at will and shoot to kill. Courts are for sissies. Remember the guy shot 46 times by multiple police in a doorway, while armed with a wallet? What I can't figure out is why this tactic is approved. Hey, everybody on the scene just pull out your guns and shoot until you're out of bullets. Yee haw!! Whatever police do can be justified. No need to stop and think how to ensure public safety or what's the best course of action. Hey, the officers were under threat! Therefore, they get to shut off their brains like any scared 10 year old and just gun down whatever moves. No need to bother with using any training. The only training you need is how to fire your weapon. Join the police force - it's legalized video games on the street!

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One of my least favorite consequences of 9/11, right up there with the Patriot Act, was the deification of the police. It seems now that everything police officers do can be justified in the name of law enforcement 'doing its job.' No one- or at least no one white and middle-class- wants to admit that the police have an even greater tendency toward thuggery.

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from the large cement security planters on the sidewalk. (This may be updated.)

So, the War on Terra actually hits home, as it were.

But, this sure makes the thought of living in areas with concealed carry laws even more scary, or at least thought provingking. If people not as well trained as police officers start pulling out their guns to take out perceived bad guys, there'll most likely be lots of injuries, possibly deaths.

And, of course, recycling and trash bins could also cause bullets to ricochet, so it isn't just because of the planters. They could also have been landscaping objects, not security blocakdes from truck or car bombs. But in this area of Manhatten I think they're also security measures.

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... is a perfect metaphor for security that makes us less safe.

And the metaphor for that is "self-licking ice cream cone" (like much of the Pentagon budget). More recursive bullshit!

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It was 41 rather than 46 shots: