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Tekla - Open Source Helps the Motor-Imparied

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I was looking at Sparkfun and they had a link to the Tekla Shield.

This is a hardware extension to the Arduino platform that allows

a motor-impaired user to access their mobile device (phone, media player, etc.) over bluetooth through their wheelchair's control interface (i.e. joystick, sip/puff, etc.).

How cool is that?

Now, the only way this is possible is given the open source nature of the Arduino hardware and software, and (at this point) the open source Android software.

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This is operated by the engineering student who is actually a part of this project. Using the controls on his chair to manipulate the Droid phone screen that he can't manipulate with his hands. I'm guessing that the combined material costs to make this Tekla device work are less than $100.