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Teh stupid! It burns!

The extremely well-paid by Margaret Carlson takes up valuable oxygen:

Yet the Clintons have too much in common with the Sopranos to risk parodying them. Through eight seasons of mob life in New Jersey and eight years in the Clinton White House, America has been gripped by these two couples. Much of the fascination is with the wives: How much does she know? Why does she stay?

Wow, Our Margaret sure is insightful. The Clintons are like the Sopranos because two White House terms of four years equals eight years and that's the same number of seasons the Sopranos ran.

Numerology sure is fun and believable, isn't it? Not only is four plus four equal to eight, two cubed is eight, too, and when I cube potatos and pot roast I get a total fucking hash, just like Margaret's column!

No, I don't feel better yet:

Because Our Margaret seems to think that an two-term slow-motion coup, funded by winger billionaires and implemented by the Federalist Society, among other members of the VRWC, is the moral equivalent of an eight-year-long TV series. Oh, yes, the press were just watching the whole time, entirely passive, just your average Joe or Jane, not part of it at all. Not.

Oh, and the other reason she compares the Clintons and the Sopranos? "How much does she know? Why does she stay?"

Yeah, and what Hillary "knew" or chose not to know about was a blowjob, and what Carmela "knew" or chose not to know about was, er, whacking people.

A classic demonstration of How To Equivalate for Fun and Profit.

Yeah, I know Hillary left herself open to this nonsense by making that stupid YouTube video to begin with. But for idiots like Carlson take the stupidity to new, content-free, irony-free, 0%-interest heights. Gack, I feel unclean just reading Carlson. The picture of her writing it just gives me the creeps. What's wrong with these people?

[Reach me that bucket, wouldja, hon? No, hold it. The bong. Want one?]

NOTE Via, again, Oliver, where I should visit more often.

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