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"Teen Denied Transplant Over 'Noncompliance'"

The teen -- and I know this will come as a shock to you -- is black, but one thing ObamaCare's data hub will have the functionality to do, when combined with Electronic Health Records, is flag and/or reject everybody who's "non-compliant" (for some definition of "compliant").

That's the flip side of all that "wellness" crapola. Nobody can show there's a medical benefit to "wellness" programs, or even a return on investment, so there's another agenda, eh? I'm guessing compliance to whatever "compliance" means in the "wellness" context, followed by roll-out to other areas. Say, debt.

Not that I'm foily.

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The family wasn't provided with any details, so they're guessing that the hospital is using the teen's history with his school and the law as a predictor of potential non-compliance.

In short, they're taking into account he and his family's social history, not medical history, to determine his transplant worthiness. And the only fact we know about this is that the family went to the media, to make their case.

Must all health care become the right of whomever has the best PR? We know what the solution is, but not making people beg for aid is against our established American values -- at least the ones we tried to deny, for a few decades.