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Technical support request

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Is there a way to search a web page for a certain word? For example, if I don't want to read thru all of Obama's Reddit Ask Me Anything and only want to search if anyone asked about Social Security, is there a way I can do that?

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Submitted by Carolannie on

In Firefox at least you go to Edit and there is a Find function that you click on, put in the word and voila

Submitted by lambert on

You've got to be on that page to find it. If you want to search Google for it, on the off chance you don't know, here is the syntax. Run this in Google:

reddit site:

or this:

reddit site:

Note that you can use the URL of the whole site or the URL of the page only, which is pretty nifty.

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Submitted by mtngun on

The browser "find" function will search that particular web page, but not the entire web site.