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Technical Assistance Request: Screen problems w/ Mac iBook

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The screen on my iBook sometimes has horizontal lines going down and even breaks up like a TV with bad reception. Is there anything I can do? Or is my laptop not long for this world?

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Submitted by a little night ... on

If so, I'd go to a Genius Bar. (Free! But takes time.) Try updating your system software first.

If you are still under warranty, and updating to the current system software doesn't solve your problem, you probably have a hardware issue that needs addressing.

If the problem persists, and you are still under warranty, I still say, go to an Apple Store and talk to one of their Geniuses. You paid for this! If you are no longer under warranty, let us know exactly what goes wrong and I (at least) willl try to answer.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

My Mac is so old the Apple Store will not support it. I have to take it to a VAR, and I don't have $ for that. So I am hoping that someone at Corrente will have a good suggestion.

I checked the trouble shooting in the manual, but their suggestions is not fixing it.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

I think the problem then is in need of a tech cure. I'd help you with the $ if other will also?

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Submitted by DCblogger on

anyone who wants to help me replace it can chip in here

I can get an iPad or something decent from Craigs list.

Submitted by Fran on

What was the manner of death? That is, was it
No image, ie the monitor,
the hard drive, blue screen?
no power at all,

Major parts, such as hard drive, are actually cheap and easy to replace. If it is the monitor, you can probably plug in another one externally.

I am more familiar with desk tops, but have replaced these and other parts in desk top and laptop, thereby rarely ever getting a 'new' computer. On the other hand, computers have gotten so much cheaper, a new one might be worth it.

And yes, you will probably get more computing bang for your buck with a desk top.

Submitted by lambert on

If this machine is like the iBook I had, and experts will correct me, the iBook screen is connected to the CPU in the body with wires that run through the hinges that attach the screen to the body. This is a known weak point because the wires are stressed each time the lid opens or closes. An official Apple store would probably charge what a new second hand machine would cost to fix it. Unofficially.... Anyhow, put your data in the cloud pronto....