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"Teachout, Wu sue state Democrats over pro-Cuomo mailers"

Politics on the Hudson:

Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout’s campaign is due in state Supreme Court in Manhattan this afternoon to seek a temporary restraining order that would prevent the state’s Democratic operation from funding mailers supporting Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul in this Tuesday’s primary election. (Several Democratic Committee-funded mailers have already gone out to primary voters.)

The Teachout campaign cites section 2-126 of the state Election Law: a ban on spending party money on any one candidate in a primary election.

The (Democratic) party is undermining the actual function of the party, which is to allow Democratic primary voters to make the decision between candidates,” Teachout said in interview. “Party leadership can’t make decisions between candidates before voters make the decision. That’s what we see here, and it’s a real problem.”

The article does give reasoning on why it's not so simple:

Teachout’s lawsuit is “not frivolous,” [Former Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a Greenburgh Democrat who argued in court on behalf of the Working Families Party in the 2006 case] said, but is “an uphill climb.”

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Twitter tells me that Hilliary robo calls are going out in support of Cuomo. That tells me that polls must show Cuomo ahead, or Hillary would not risk an endorsement. On the other hand, if Teachout does prevail it will be a MAJOR embarrassment for Hillary.