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Petidote of the Day 2012-06-15

Mom cat adopts baby squirrel

Just in case anyone needs a few minutes of silliness to counteract all the assorted sh*t in the world, here you go!

Not only does the baby squirrel nurse with the kittens, he also purrs!!! Enjoy!! Read more about Petidote of the Day 2012-06-15

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Petidote of the Day 2012-02-17

Apple kitty

Apple the Cat

Today's Petidote comes from Correntian jjmtacoma, who sent in this shot of her beautiful cat, Apple.

Apple is a domestic long hair (I think) and she came to live with us almost a year ago. I don't know where Apple comes from, my neighbor took her in as a homeless cat but after a year she still wasn't getting along with their other cat so they offered her free to a "good home". We don't know Apple's age but she is probably more than 5 years old.

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Update on Noah's Ark Animal Seizure in Long Beach, CA

The Long Beach Press Telegram reports the following:

On Friday, Kyrklund won a bid in a San Pedro court for a restraining order against the Long Beach Animal Control. That ruling keeps Animal Control veterinarians from euthanizing any of the dogs or cats seized Wednesday.

The restraining order expires on Sept. 8, when lawyers for both sides will reconvene to determine if the order should be extended.

After the 10 days are up, investigators plan to file their case with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office, Quigley said.

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