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Tasini's chances

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New York Times

Last time around, pitted against Hillary Rodham Clinton, he was the 17 percent man, gathering that percentage of the vote in the 2006 Democratic primary.

Winning 17% of the vote against a Democratic icon like Hillary Clinton is actually a huge achievement. Remember, the Democratic Primary would have been held in September of 2006, back in the days when we thought more Democrats would solve our problems.


He is against the health care bill, and wants Medicare for all. He is against the dual wars (“I will not vote for a single penny to continue either war”). He wants to increase the minimum wage immediately to $10 an hour and see it quickly reach $15 to $20. He wants a stronger labor movement. (“People say you’re antibusiness. I’m pro-business because I want jobs. What I’m against is foolishness.”) He wants a tax on every financial transaction on Wall Street. He supports gay marriage and gun control.

The gun control thing could be a problem in upstate, but not insuperable. NY state is one of the few places in the US where pro-gun control candidates can win.

Tasini the man:

Mr. Tasini doesn’t own a car. His apartment in Washington Heights rents for less than $1,000. He rides a bicycle and the subway.

One of his few indulgences is season tickets to the Yankees — grandstand level.

He asked the two men, “Am I going to lose a lot of votes on the Yankees thing?”

It might be a good thing to have a Senator who does not own a car. There are still places on Capitol Hill that rent for under $1000 if you are willing to live east of Eastern Market.

If you live in NY state, check out the Tasini web site. If you attend any Tasini event, or volunteer in his campaign, please post about it.

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Back in the 80s and 90s he pretty much singlehandedly created the National Writers Union. He organized to fight the New York Times when they tried to pull a fast land-grab of writers' electronic publication rights. His suit took years to reach the Supreme Court, but he (and we) won.

One of the most important things that Tasini accomplished for us self-employed union members was to provide us a group health insurance option. His model served as a template for other self-employed professionals in New York (artists, designers) to get cheaper through groups like the Freelancer's Union, mediabistro and Fractured Atlas.

We talk a lot here about "creative class" folk, mostly disparagingly. But most of us "creative class" members are not famous or well-paid, and we're struggling to get by in a collapsing industry that screws us every which way. Tasini has been our champion. His platform is fantastic. I just sent him some love in plastic form.