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Tariq Aziz Was No Nobel Peace Prize Laureate*

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Sure, 16-year old Tariq Aziz may have been a responsible, personable and soft-spoken adolescent, but he was no Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, now was he? Neither was his 12-year old cousin, Wahid Khan. He wasn't a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate either.

Tariq Aziz in yellow hat from TBIJ on Vimeo.

So they, and their families, should feel lucky and even honored that they were instantaneously blown into a red mist, little particles of adolescent and child human by a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate rather than a war criminal.

But regardless, so what? It's not like the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate actually wants innocents killed, in fact, his own administration's evidence shows, it never happens, so they must have been terrorists by definition. And even if that was wrong, well collateral damage and all that.

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* Nobel Peace Prize Laureate should be a glossary term.

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