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Tar Sands protest in DC

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Three People Lock Themselves Inside a TD Bank in DC

Early this morning three people locked themselves inside a TD Bank branch in Washington, DC. TD Bank is one of TransCanada’s largest shareholders and is bankrolling the toxic Keystone XL pipeline.

One protestor used a bike lock to attach his neck to the door outside while two others locked themselves in a barrel full of concrete just inside the lobby. Police arrived, shut down rush hour traffic on P street, and held up sheets to block the view of media. After each protestor was extracted they were released without charges!

Serious question for DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier, why is the DC Police doing PR damage control for TD Bank? Seriously. Make the arrests and have done with it. The reputation of TD Bank is NOT the responsibility of the DC Police or any other city agency. Sheesh.

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The sheets, a new tactic!