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Talking is just like doing, only without the doing

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Lambert talked about the wikileaks story the other day, but there's one bit of fun I missed following the story that I caught on Democracy Now, which really says it all.

Here's the money quote from the WH:

PRESS SECRETARY ROBERT GIBBS:Let’s understand this, when you talk about the way the war is going in Afghanistan. The documents purportedly cover from January—I think January 2004 to December 2009. I can’t speak for the conduct of that war from an operational perspective for most of that time. I do know that when the President came into office in 2009, he, in the first few months, ordered an increase in the number of our troops; having spent two years talking about how our efforts in Afghanistan were greatly under-resourced, increased resources in troops to provide security for an election; and then, as you well know, conducted a fairly comprehensive and painstaking review of our policy, which resulted in December 1st, 2009’s speech about a new direction in Afghanistan.

That's right he conducted a review that resulted in a speech! Talk about decisive action.

But as the Nobel Prize selection committee, and the 2008 primaries, taught us - talking about stuff is all Obama needs to do. No matter if he actually does nothing or the opposite of what he says.

I kind of miss the days when Press Secretaries defended the President by talking of actions rather than talking about talking.

Me, I'm speechless once again.

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Submitted by lizpolaris on

a bully pulpit. That's why it's so hard for poor president Obama to get anything done. He believes he can't do anything but talk. As time goes on, one thing that strikes me is that Obama seems to be increasingly convinced that he has no power. Even by Lambert's argument that Obama is doing what he wants to do, he's ineffective even in that. Obama was inexperienced when he came to office and isn't learning on the job.

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has no power, and I think his "bully" pulpit is actually a "bullshit" pulpit; all talk with no follow-through that is consistent with the talk is, when all is said and done, just pure, unadulterated bullshit.

He uses that BS pulpit not because he lacks power, but because it distracts listeners/readers from the sleight-of-hand that is going on right under noses. It's part of the con - and the con sure isn't about being weak, but about getting over.

I mean, how many times have we heard, or said ourselves, "but, but, I don't understand - Obama SAID he was for this position, and now he's gone and done the opposite." How many times have we heard him talk about a particular policy, only to find out that, behind closed doors, he's been meeting with and working with and crafting a policy that is 180 degress away from that "public" position?

I guess the new opiate of the masses isn't religion, it's Obama BS.

I don't believe a word that comes out of the man's mouth, but as long as people do, the con job will go on, and we will continue to suffer for it.

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Submitted by quixote on

That's what strikes me every time I think about it. "Yeah, he beat me up, but today he brought me flowers and he says he loves me, so he didn't mean it." The situations are so analogous, it's scary. The common factor seems to be a desperate need to believe in the "real" goodness of the abuser.

And when you can't do that anymore, convince yourself all the alternatives are way worse.