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Taking Options on The Next War

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Just because killing Iraqi innocents got the mercs kicked out of that country, don't think the psychopaths in charge of your money will let them look for work like the rest of the unemployed. We have a whole new program set up to take care of the former assassins.

Would you like a vacation in Mexico? Maybe sending your money instead will satisfy you, so speculates the cabal at the White House.

The U.S. and Mexican governments are expected Monday to announce an anti-drug package that will probably involve hiring private U.S. military contractors to train Mexican troops on the use of new technologies and equipment, senior U.S. officials said.

The government's use of private contractors has been highly controversial, especially since a deadly incident involving contractors last month in Iraq.

The counternarcotics plan, estimated at $1.4 billion over two years, is expected to be announced simultaneously by President Bush in Washington and President Felipe Calderón in Mexico City. It will cap seven months of talks carried out in response to spreading drug violence, considered by many the biggest threat to Mexican security.

A senior U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, called the plan "a quantum leap forward, partly because Mexico is willing to take that risk to build a new relationship."

"This is transformational diplomacy at its best, but don't expect miracles," the official said. "If we can do this right with a partner who really wants to change the relationship, then this will have an impact on the future of the relationship."

The plan calls for increasing U.S. anti-drug aid to Mexico, now estimated at $44 million a year, to $1.4 billion over two to three years, said officials speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The assistance is designed to train Mexican law enforcement officials to more effectively take on drug traffickers equipped with advanced weapons, high-tech communications gear, and aircraft.

After their training totally to disrespect such values as life and liberty in Iraq, the mercs should do great work winning friends in Mexico. A long history of corrupt and violent police there will no doubt work out perfectly for their growing taste for power and disdain for the law.

The country's treasure is being used consistently with the cabal's value system, to further alienate law abiding citizens everywhere.

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BY all means lets send the gestapo,er, Blackwater to Mexico to train the border guards. Every one will have to start "Showing their papers" there first. A real training groun d for the gestapo, I mean blackwater.
Kill the Mexicans who dare to question their authority or attempt to set foot in the Rio. It is a short step to killing the Gringos too. Do this in the name of the country they will be told by the head ass-hole.
When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.--Sinclair Lewis

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This train of thought is one short of Lambert’s Three Dots Law, but given the past history of CIA drug smuggling and DOD off-the-books war funding it would be irresponsible to not speculate that the War on Drugs Blackwater training in Mexico could perhaps be a way of necking down the pipeline for entry of illegal drugs into the US, not shutting it off. Maybe the freelancers working through the Mexican police and Federales have gotten out of hand and the People Who Matter aren’t getting their cut. Blackwater and some additional cash may be just enough restriction to ensure that only smugglers with the right connections and willing to pay off the right people can continue to operate. Upping the ante further on drug interdiction makes no sense otherwise.

Total US consumption of heroin, for instance, is about $10 Billion annually at street pricing. The value crossing the border into America is only about $1 Billion, with just $50 Million going to the poppy growers. Similarly with cocaine, the street value of $35 Billion is around $5 Billion landed and merely $150 Million to the coca leaf growers.

The War on Drugs costs about $20 Billion in federal money and at least that much again at the state and local level, plus the cost of trials and incarceration of about 150,000 sent to prison each year for drug charges, about 25% of all prison sentences. Why exactly are we spending around $50 Billion dollars a year on interdiction and prosecution when for a mere $200 Million we could buy the raw opium and coca leaves for all of the heroin and cocaine that comes into this country?

Could it be that some bunch of somebodys with federal connections is making a lot of off-the-books money, likely for nefarious purposes, and what would those purposes be? To what extent is the War on Drugs an integral part of a generalized authoritarian drive to make every citizen a suspect in one way or another? Is the thinking that since the prisons are privatized, why not the arrests ?

Not to get all CT or anything.

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Since legalizing marijuana/hemp would mean economic good news for farmers and the U.S. treasury there is even less reason to throw money at a charade instead of cutting expenses.


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which can be grown over more acreage with less chemicals than cotton can, and will do the same work cotton does, is right out. Ask Monsanto or Dow.

Never mind that hemp is not the same as marijuana.
Never mind that hemp makes better paper than trees.
Never mind that you can make rope from hemp.
Never mind that you can make canvas from hemp.
Never mind -- you're talking about breaking the law.
Why, Nancy and Harry would be aghast if they knew.
You'd be next to get a strongly-worded letter, I'm warning you!

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