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Take This Down

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if it's inaccurate or misleading , please. But the way I read it, the fuckwits in power are determined to destroy the internet one way or another.

I only just discovered the ACTA ("worse than SOPA") treaty and am still trying to sort it all out. If anyone here knows more, feel free to console me!


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Ahhhh .... wouldn't it be ever-so-nice if we could all just be Obamabots? Then, we, too, could live in the dreamland where the Savior has come and will lead us all to Paradise. Seriously, though, the history of mankind is the story of the struggle between the peons and the lords, isn't it? Just because ACTA has been signed by a dozen countries doesn't mean that the lords should feel secure in their seats. We have to keep fighting - there is no other answer.

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Poor Democrats! Always chasing after the Romneys of the world and they can't ever catch up. But taking bribes is a noble way to try. End sarcasm.

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I read your link and was most astonished to read this:

We the People Foundation, "founded by Robert L. Schulz, has since 2002 been a leading force in the tax protest movement. The group also has sued to stop the use of electronic voting machines and was vocal in disputing President Obama's citizenship."

And people jump on me for voting for Paul in the Republican primary ...

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Some kind of anti-income tax, birther, libertarian deal, probably an 11 on the 1 to 10 crazy scale. And I have a feeling they would say the same thing about us!