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Take the Pew "News" "IQ" poll for a little satisfaction

I did better than 98% of the public. Thing is, though...

... most of it's propaganda, and so the poll doesn't measure IQ, but credulousness. For example, stuff like meaningless financial ratios, official unemployment figures, which legacy party has center stage right now, TARP ($700 billion but not the bailouts in toto, which are closer to $12 trillion, when all is said and done), and all the rest of it.

Interestingly, no questions on Social Security or Medicare.

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And of course to be correct you had to lie about tarp repayment and real unemployment. I managed to get every question answered as they wanted... though I must admit the smart phone question was a guess for me... I've never held one... or if I have I returned it quickly - before smashing it into a brick wall. Any phone that makes you a slave to the beeps or press far more buttons to dial someone than the number of digits in their actual phone number... is dumbing you down.... if you let it.