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Taibbi's newest

Go read it all. In reaction, Yves, interestingly, focuses on the stigmatization of anger and controlling the discourse -- making the econoblogs, on the bailouts (2010), sound like the political blogs, on Iraq (2003). Susie focuses on the class warfare aspect, which I think is the more accurate, interesting, and current take. Taibbi writes:

[T]he fact that a lot of these guys have made a lot of money recently doesn’t make them “upper class.” They’re the same assholes we all were in high school and college, except that they made some very particular moral choices in adulthood, and became criminals, and have now arranged things so that they’re going to be tough as hell to catch. And when they fall, which a lot of them will… I mean a lot of these guys are ten seconds from losing it all and spending the next ten years working the laundry room at Danbury or pushing shopping carts under the FDR expressway. And they know it. These people aren’t the nobility. They’re people just like us, only stupider and less ashamed of themselves.

Good. It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of looters.

That said, I think that Taibbi's notion of class isn't very sophisticated. Kudos to him for taking up the subject. And eviscerating David Brooks is always good clean fun.

NOTE Yes, I know Taibbi sucked on Clinton. I know. That doesn't make him wrong here, and it doesn't necessarily invalidate the tropes and analytical tools that he presents. Heck, even Bareback Andy's right on torture. And Ron Paul is right on the empire. Take what you like...

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Submitted by gob on

for the accurate phrase:

cool, “objective” news stories in which both the plainly bogus version of events and the real and infuriating version are given equal weight.

which exposes with one surgical slice the infuriating dishonesty of the MSM.

Me, all I can come up with is that whenever I read those guys I seem to hear that newsreel guy from the opening of "Citizen Kane" intoning "rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb."

I bow to superior analytical powers.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

The woman who was on Charlie Rose was dynamic. The other commenters, including David Brooks, depressed me.

The woman (sorry can't remember name... my bad) said that many honest bankers want the banks to be punished. WTF with Obama? Okay, my words not hers, but in essence...

And Al Hunt said Obama was playing the insider game and with the speech was going for the outsider game having forgotten to get back to it. And, yes, Obama won playing a very seductive outsider game with the citizenry, but then his shifting to the insider game ... left us all twisting in the wind to process there was no moral compass in him.... only a man addicted to the game... later for you guys... and his insider game had nothing to do with his commitments to the outside game ... were in fact in crazymaking contradeiction to it... it was all a game... said for the game.. what got him to win. And he won. Gamesman that he is.

And having delivered the old razzle dazzle in his SOTU speech, which didn't even have much energy for hypocrisy ... maybe enough to keep the apologists apologizing, but little meat thrown to the rest of us on the left, he will get back to the insider game.

Rose asked Al Hunt if Obama could get the citizens back to campaign adoration mode... WTF, Charlie? Were you actually expecting an affirmative answer on that one? Do you not get the betrayal that has gone down? How dumb do you think the collective citizenry is?

And Brooks-fawning on that show. Turning to Brooks for commentary???? Brooks is such an admirer of Obama's. Brooks is so overnuanced and so cleverly soft-toned snarky. Brooks is a craven crony of corporate capitalism, their trigger man against common sense populists he will demonize for expressing feelings. For reacting at all to massive economic rape of the lower classes which are fast dropping as the rich are floating to staggering heights from their successful avarice. And it is telling Brooks is clueless about morality and so protective of the corporate daddies, as is Obama. As is sadly, Charlie Rose and the rest of the crew. Except for that one woman. Anybody catch her name?

Let the blaming the victim continue, apparently. Obama reads a few hard luck letters a week and we should be so grateful our President Daddy cares. But announces, the money quote (pun, of course intended), he does not want to punish the banks. All that earlier stuff... of course "we all" hate the banks bailout yada yada yada ... but then one devastating sentence... about not punishing the banks. Old game still on, Barack. You don't give a shit about the people. The corporatists heard you and are relieved. 3 more years of this and then the angry xenophobe astroturf-populists will move in from the right, irrational and willing to punish the victims too other than themselves or maybe not so, they are so clueless, with their own fresh hells, the next act of puppetry from the corporatists.

Love, Taibbi. Why did he suck on Cliinton? I wasn't following then.